What is a Local Real Estate Board?

Our premium selling system includes "Local Board MLS® Listings" on all Real Estate Boards in British Columbia.

Our innovative brokerage dramatically improves your ability to sell your own property, allowing you to save thousands in the process. When we say Local Board, we don't mean that our service is somehow limited to a local audience, we mean that our service includes maximum exposure to your "local audience", which is something that many of our competitors don't, won't, or can't offer.

This means that your MLS® listing will be fully visible to the local Real Estate Agents in your area, and to the general public on the REALTOR.ca website which is available to buyers world wide.

With this enhanced service, you get maximum exposure with the buying public on Canada's largest real estate network via the REALTOR.ca website nationally, and with the REALTORS® and the buyers who are working with them to locate a property right in your direct area as well.

Please Note: If your listing is NOT loaded to the MLS® via your local Real Estate Board, you are missing out on getting maximum exposure to your local audience, which includes the local REALTORS® in your area and the buyers who are working with them to locate a property using the Local Board Listings Database.

Our MLS Listings are included in the New & Updated MLS® Listing notifications that go out to the REALTORS®, and to buyers who are using the (PCS) Private Client Services system. These notifications are sent out to Realtor's and Buyers whenever new MLS listings are added, and when updates occur to those same listings.

Please click here for more info on (PCS) - a very important element of our service.

So what is a Local Real Estate Board anyway?

We have put together this additional information to help sellers better understand what a Real Estate Board is, and more specifically, what it means to them while selling a property privately on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) System in Canada.

Each province is divided into multiple real estate boards. The various boards represent the local REALTORS® who practice real estate throughout the province. These boards collect dues from the REALTORS® who belong to them, making them quite territorial because there is a lot of money at stake here.

Each province also has a provincial board. In British Columbia, there are 11 separate boards with the Vancouver board or (REBGV) for short, having the largest membership at just over 14,000 agents. There is also a provincial Real Estate Board in BC called BCREA - with over 22,000 members.

AB, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, all have multiple local real estate boards, and we list MLS® properties on 99% of them. Canada also has a national Real Estate Board referred to as CREA - with over 100,000 members.

Wikipedia describes the various types of Real Estate Boards throughout Canada as:

Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) "CREA's members are known as 'REALTORS', which means they are members of their provincial real estate association or members of both their local real estate board and CREA, depending on the province.

"A real estate agent may become a member of a local board within the CREA, which confers the agent with membership in the CREA. Local boards are represented by a provincial association within the CREA. The local boards operate the multiple listing service for their market. There are 101 real estate boards in Canada.

"Both the Multiple Listing Service or MLS trademark and the REALTOR trademark are owned by REALTOR Canada Inc, a subsidiary of CREA. Local real estate Boards or Associations operate a local database under a licensing agreement with the national association. CREA also operates the REALTOR.ca (previously MLS.ca and ICX.ca) web site.

"Property owners who do not want to fully engage the services of a REALTOR, can hire one to only list their property on the MLS system.

"In these instances, the property owner is responsible for ensuring the listing information is accurate and agrees to handle all other details of the transaction directly. The seller may have to pay a commission to the buyer's real estate agent, if the buyer uses one. Approximately 90% of real estate transactions in Canada in 2009 were conducted via the MLS."

The act of listing a property privately on the MLS® is often referred to as a "Mere Posting Service", which is the service For Sale By Owner Inc. provides to hundreds of sellers throughout Canada each month.

We hope that the above explanation helps you to better understand what a Real Estate Board is, and how it pertains to the act of selling a home privately on the MLS®.

Please Note: If you are comparing our service to those of many of our competitors, make sure that they are also loading your listing to the actual Local Real Estate Board in your area - so you are comparing apples to apples. :)

And don't forget - If your listing is NOT loaded to the MLS® via your local Real Estate Board, you are missing out on getting in front of your local audience, which is all of the local REALTORS® in your area, and the buyers who are working with them to locate a property.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our selling system.