How to Set Up Your Seller's Account

Getting your property listed with For Sale By Owner is easier than you may think.

We have provided this overview to highlight the steps needed to get listed fast and properly. Please take a minute to see what's involved with selling your own property with FSBO Inc.

STEP 1 - Select Listing Package
To Do: Compare our listing packages and choose the one that suits you best.
Listing Option 1
Advertise your property on the
For Sale By Owner Website Only

Listing Option 2
Advertise your property on the
For Sale By Owner Website AND Website


(Complete pricing & package details are available on the topic page: Our Flat Fee Pricing.)

STEP 2 - Create your Listing Management Account on our Servers
(No payment required on this step)
To Do: Fill out your listing information and upload your photos to our system via your FSBO account.
(Below is an example of what your account management screen looks like when you are logged in.)
(Below is an example of what the FSBO listing looks like once you have entered your information.)

PLEASE NOTE: Your listing management screen gives you 100% control over your FSBO listing and your data at ALL times, 24/7. You can log into your account from any PC computer, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and pretty much any data-enabled device, anytime you want during the entire process of selling your property on our system.

STEP 3 - Pay & Activate Your Listing
To Do: Pay for your listing online via our secure payment processor, or by telephone - toll-free at 1-800-831-3726.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have selected the FSBO-Only package, this is the last step.

Pay Securely with Interac e-Transfer, Visa or Mastercard

If you have selected the MLS® Flat Fee package, there is an additional step to complete with our brokerage before your listing goes live on the MLS® system. See STEP 4 next.

STEP 4 - Fill out the MLS® Documents with our Brokerage's Help
To Do: Download and fill out the documents to send to the brokerage for input on

The Stratten Gates Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage manages your MLS® listing on the website during the sale of your property.
If you have selected the MLS® Flat Fee package, our system immediately provides you with the (MLS®) listing documents, and the easy-to-follow instructions for completing them.

We offer this high level of service 7 days a week - 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, including all holidays. In fact - if you wanted to be live on and the MLS® by tomorrow, we can usually accommodate.

Whether you are using a service like to list your home, or a fancy full service REALTOR®, all MLS® listings require that certain information about the property be provided to the listing brokerage by the seller, prior to the property going live on and the MLS® System. We are governed under the exact same regulations that a full service brokerage is, and we require that all of our listings be fully compliant.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to provide us with the info that we need to get you posted on the MLS®, we will refund your MLS® service purchase fully.

Please note: Most sellers are able to fill out the required documents within an hour or two, and some people might take a bit longer if they are not as organized. Either way, our brokerage will work as fast or as slow as you would like us to, when it comes to managing your listing on the website and the MLS® throughout the duration of your service with us.

Our brokerage can also call you at a time that is convenient for you to go through the forms, providing you with ongoing support while you complete them. Additional telephone and email support is always available at no extra cost to those who need or want it.

Once the brokerage has you up and running on (usually within 12-24 hours of receiving your information), you take over control of the sale of your home.

What documents are needed to list? Click here to find out.

(Below is a basic diagram example of how our sellers get exposure on both and