MLS® Paperwork Assistance - We've Got You Covered!

Worried about filling out the MLS® System paperwork?

No problem! We've got that covered, and it's included in our pricing!

Let's face it, some people are good with computers, and others - not so much...
If you're the latter, don't worry - we are with you every step of the way.

After 22+ years helping people sell on their own, we understand that there are some customers who just aren't sure where to begin, and they may feel a little overwhelmed with the whole process. Or maybe they just don't like using computers and the "stupid" Internet. Whatever the issue is - our support team is here to help!

If you are apprehensive about any of the elements of selling on your own, please let us know and a customer service member will help you (step by step) to ensure the smooth and accurate completion of your MLS® System listing!

For those customers who are more tech-savvy, or have had previous experience selling privately and are comfortable completing the paperwork on their own, you can choose our self-serve mode and start the paperwork (on your own) as soon as your listing is activated in our system.

Some customers complete and send us their MLS® System documents the same day they activate their listing, while others take as much time as they need. Each seller is in control of the speed at which they complete their listing in our system at all times.

We review your submitted MLS® documents prior to forwarding your listing documents to the brokerage to ensure the highest level of accuracy, and minimum upload time.

We want to ensure that your MLS® Listing debut contains accurate information, and as much value-add data as possible.

A simple phone call or assistance request will get you started.

We are standing by - available 7 days a week!