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Why For Sale By Owner Inc. Stands Out Amoung Other FSBO Companies

What Makes ForSaleByOwner.ca Different?

When we say that we are one of the only TRUE For Sale By Owner companies left in Canada, we're not kidding!

Even Comfree.com has completely changed their format making them one of the largest Buyer Agencies in Canada, straying far away from their original business model.

Lucky for Comfree - most of their sellers never visit their website as a "buyer" and they don't even know that Comfree is actually working very hard to insert themselves as a Buyer's Agent in the sale of thousands of homes that are listed with them.

They even promote the fact that they will pay $2,000.00 in commission to any buyer who uses them to represent them during the sale. The problem is, the commission that they are offering to give to the buyers comes from YOU, the seller. (Click here to see how they promote this new service to buyers who are viewing properties on their website.)

This new corporate strategy puts millions of dollars of homeowners equity into the pockets of Comfree - far far away from the pockets of the sellers who paid them to list their home - oblivious of what was really going on. The funny part about it is, that they still try to promote themselves as a "Commission Free" Service - but we'll leave it to you to decide if that is a legitimate claim.

Property Guys is one of the other Flat Fee Service Providers in Canada. They are officially the most expensive service of all, often charging several thousand dollars for their MLS® service. If you visit their website, you will not find any pricing information at all. Instead, you will be directed to call an 800 number where an operator will take your information and have a Property Guys rep call you back, if there is one in your area. If there is no one servicing your area, you will usually have the option of just advertising your home on their website and not on the MLS®, but the fee is still several hundred dollars to do so.

Assuming that you are in an area they service, when the rep calls you back their main goal will be to get you to agree to a kitchen table meeting where they will try to build a case for why you should choose them to hold your hand during the sales process - for a fee that is frankly hard to believe that some sellers actually agree to pay.

It's important to know how For Sale By Owner Inc. is different from the other service providers out there, especially when we offer a very similar service, that puts you in the driver's seat - for A LOT LESS Money.

It's practices like this that make people not trust some Flat Fee MLS® Service Providers, and this is precisely why we make sure that our sellers know that we are one of the only TRUE Flat Fee MLS® listings provider left in Canada.

Our MAIN GOAL is to help you sell privately - without the assistance of ANY REALTORS®, whenever possible!